Happy Merry Holiday from Marc and Dave! They absolutely promise you this is a new "sode and not a refurbished one dusted off and dangled in front of you like old mistletoe. And to prove it Ken Zuckerman has joined us once again to face off against Marc! This year, like all years before it, is just a little bit different.  Marc and Ken will be writing a Christmas sequel pitch to a film that wasn't originally in the Christmas spirit. A couple of examples: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, Jaws The Revenge, and Christmas Vacation. All famously had original films not set on Christmas, but their sequels slid the holiday shell over their film. Now here's the fun part, just like gift giving I will not be revealing what Marc and Ken chose to do.... You'll just have to listen and then see if you agree or disagree with Dave's decision on who the winner is. Will Ken keep the cup from last year, or will Marc take home the big win?


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