Second part of our Halloween Film Franchise retrospect. We cover films 5 - 8 in this round.


Sadly there isn't going to be a new Halloween film this year as there was slated to be what with the pandemic and all, so "Halloween Kills" is now set for next year. Since we can't go forward in time..... Why not back. Why not take a short trip to the "Super Evil Vampire Robot Podcast of Doom days. Before there was "Sequel This." Before there was "That Horror Show Podcast." Before there was....Uhhh Ken?  There was a Podcast that nobody listened to called "Super Evil Vampire Robot Podcast of Doom."  Everybody comes from somewhere....Let's go back together and see where some of "The Speakeasy Podcast Network" got their start.  Let's get spooky!


*Disclaimer Dave Does not appear in this episode (Booooo) I know I know, it's still an origins show of sorts though!


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