MKVSP_S1E6_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: A Video Store Carol

S01, E06

In the season finale, Marc hosts a huge Christmas party in the Video Store only to discover that he may have gone too far this time and that sometimes friendship isn't a one way street.  But not all ends well for the boys in the Video Store as a greater mystery is about to begin.....(yes we know it's not Christmas time but you can never have enough Christmas and you were okay with it for the previous Halloween episode!)


Happy 1 year anniversary to you fine listeners.  I word it like this because none of this would be possible without your constant feedback and participation.  Sure, Dave and I love doing the show and we love flexing our writing muscles but this is just as much and outlet for us as it is for you, and with that being said in tonights celebration of both our shows 1st year in the wild and the wonderful fans support we will be reading four very different pitches for four very different sequels.  Also.....to mark this occasion, please take a moment to marvel at our new theme done wonderfully by "Petrified Gumbo".  Thank you again fans!  This love letter is for you.


MKVSP_S1E5_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: Scary Stories to Tell in the Video Store

S01, E05

It's Halloween night in the Video Store and Ken has discovered some useful information about their resident British ghost. Marc finds the story isn't scary enough though and requests the help of Hobo Mike to beef up his own "Scary Story."


In 1995 Director Danny Cannon and Star Sylvestor Stallone failed (gloriously and ubiquitously) to bring the beloved Law Enforcer "Judge Dredd" to the big screen.   It wouldn't be until 2012 that Hollywood got it right with the film "Dredd." This episode of "Sequel This" will see Marc and Dave splitting duties.  One will sequel "Judge Dredd" 1995.  The other will sequel "Dredd" 2012.  But whom will get which.......Tune in faithful listeners and remember who the law is!


MKVSP_S1E4_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: A Trailer Blazing Adventure

S01, E04

Upon their "mini vacation," Marc manages to leave Ken's car in another state. As always with Marc, this proves to be on purpose. Just what does he have up his sleeve for Ken this time?


HEY YOU GUYS!!!!! It's a brand new episode of "Sequel This" Dave and Marc visit their favorite childhood movie and warmly discuss what it meant to them.  Marc goes into great detail about how he attempted to have his own "Goonie" adventures in Dave and Marc's home town of Naperville, Illinois but it didn't quite go the way of One Eyed Willy.  Then they each go into their own visions of what a "The Goonies 2" might look like......So grab your treasure maps and inhalers it's time to discover some rich stuff....Hopefully.


MKVSP_S1E3_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: Ken-napped

S01, E03

Over the Fourth of July weekend, the Video Store is getting fumigated. Marc suggests a quick trip to Martha's Vineyard to help Ken relax. Ken quickly learns that the "suggestion" was only a formality.


  Sequel This is back with an episode that will uppercut you out of your shoes with more thrust kicks than you can shake a bo staff at!  Marc ran away from this topic screaming (just kidding….maybe) so Dave decided to bring on Chris and Kevin from Throwing the Controller to discuss that cinematic masterpiece, Street Fighter The Movie. 

  After discussing the movie at length and giving surprisingly varied opinions on its quality (or lack thereof), the pitch meeting begins in force pitting Kevin vs. Dave in a battle with Chris determining which pitch reigns supreme!  Even if you have no idea what a Dragon Punch is, this episode is chock full of comedic punches to the gut that are sure to entertain.


MKVSP_S1E2_Icon_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: Ghost-Busting Your Gut

S01, E02

The boys discover the ghost of a British man is inhabiting their store. Marc may have just met his God-given mortal enemy....


Dave and Marc sit down and run through an exhaustive list of 2017 sequels coming our way.....And boy oh boy are there a lot.  Check out what they have to say about each film and find out what are their most anticipated and least anticipated.  Also, big news!  New Year, new endeavours! So plug up your ear holes, grab some snacks, and maybe find a bed pan because this one is dense!

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