It_s_A_Wonderful_Life_2_Icon_Pic_Lower.jpgHo Ho Ho!  Happy Merry Holidays ya'll.  Sequel This is back for our annual Christmas Show, and with it comes the return of a one Ken Zuckerman from "The Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast".  Last year we did "A Christmas Carol II" which we implore you to go listen to before this show if for anything just to see how this whole thing shook out...BACKSTORY TIME So Ken's favorite Christmas film/story of all time is "A Christmas Carol" and last year, Marc kind of ruined it for him a bit.  Like we said,  you  have to hear that show.

Revenge is a dish best served Zuckerman, as he's here to take on Marc's favorite Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" so does Ken succeed in ruining Marc's Christmas or does Marc have a few tricks up his sleeve?  Tune in for this very NOT Christmassy episode.

Also there's a SPOILER FREE reaction to "Star Wars:  The Last Jedi".





00:32:00 - 00:52:00 Early Memories of "It's a Wonderful Life" 


00:53:00 - 01:07:00 Ken pitches his "It's a Wonderful Life II"


01:08:00 - 01:20:00 Marc pitches his "It's a Wonderful Life II"




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MKVSP_S1E2_Icon_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: You've Been Zucked Off

S02, E05

In the first part of our two part season finale, Ken begins to tap into his past and realizes maybe it's time to bring back "Leftover Luckerman" one last time.  But will he be able to put that Ken back into the past?

Guest Starring Timothy Kazda from That Horror Show Podcast, Chris Barreras from Throwing the Controller Podcast, and James Mullins from the L.O.U.S.y Bums Podcast.


Hello, and welcome to the sequel to a sequel episode on......Sequel This!  Here we have another batch (four to be exact) of fan pitches that include a return of the rap air horn and Sam Jackson!  If you want to skip the beginning pleasentries I've included time stamps for each pitch and a time stamp for the first ever Sequel This contest!


00:25:00 - 00:33:00 Kevin Carignan from "Fighting Words" and "Throwing the Controller" submits a product pitch tie-in to the episode he was a guest in.  I'll keep it a surprise.  It's great.


00:33:30 - 00:44:30 Phillip Barker submits a Batman sequel, but to which Batman franchise.  That is the question?


00:45:00 - 01:07:00 Reno Dee Submits his own take on Gremlins 3.  The less said the better.  You may just need to ignore our Gremlins 3 episode because this is what Gremlins 3 should be!


01:08:00 - 01:26:00 Lastly Davin Emerson returns with another great pitch.  This time for Jumper 2.  Dave and I read this one as if it were a play.  It was a hell of a lot of fun to record, sorry about all the Jimmy Fallon SNL laugh out loud moments.  We couldn't help.  Davin's  lines are ridiculous in the best possible way.


01:26:30 - 01:35:00 The first ever Sequel This contest!  What we're asking is that new fans and old fans that haven't already submitted a review of the show to itunes to please do so, and give us a fair rating.  Then submit to us an email to:  Sequelthis@gmail.com with proof that it was you that submitted it.  Can be a screen shot, anything.  Subject line should be 2017 contest.  You'll be entered into a raffle to win a free "The Last Jedi" Luke funko pop.  Winners will be drawn opening weekend of December 15th, 2017 of the film.  So get those iTunes reviews submitted folks!


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MKVSP_S1E2_Icon_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: Thanks to Secretaries Day

S02, E04

In this episode you will be transported back to a bygone era, when white men ruled the roost and women were only allowed to say "yes". Can Ken say no? Find out in this very politically incorrect episode.

Guest Starring Tom Gonzalez.


Last year "Sequel This" brought you "All the Halloween Sequels" this year.......The Saw is Family and so are you!  That's right we're doing all of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" sequels.  We've got 6 pitches for you this year, yes 6.  That's one more than last year.  That's because Dave and I each did our own pitch as opposed to a joint one.  Creative differences if you will.  Another change there is no guest judge host as there was last year, no instead we're calling on all the listeners to judge the pitches.  So please email us at Sequelthis@gmail.com or send us a personal message over Facebook or leave a comment on our Facebook wall.  We accept carrier pigeon as well.  Anyway you can get us that vote will work really!  We will declare the winner on Halloween night!


00:00:00 - 01:10:00 Dave and I discuss the life and unfortunate passing of Tobe Hooper.  We go over his films in general and talk about "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" franchise as a whole and finally do as we always do, and discuss the first we encountered the Chainsaw franchise.  And as always, Marc's story is embarressing.


01:10:00 - 01:25:00 First up is often times guest host, friend of the show Chris Barreras one of the three hosts over at "Throwing the Controller" podcast.  We then discuss his pitch briefly.


01:25:00 - 01:45:00 Our second guest in this chainsaw anthology is John Lehtimaki who you've recently heard on our "Cult of Chucky" show.  Now just a forewarning his audio is very low, Dave tried as he could but it just became distorted when attempting to raise the volume up, so please during this duration turn the volume up a smidge.  


01:45:00 - 01:57:00 Our third contributer is Justin Lee who was recently on our "X-men Writer's Room" episode.  Dave and I discuss his pitch.  I mainly talk about how much I can't stand Justin Lee.  You'll see...


01:57:00 - 02:16:00 Our final guest for this anthology Ken Zuckerman, co-creator of "The Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast" which you can hear right over here on "The Speakeasy Podcast Network with yours truly Marc L. Rissmann.  Ken has also appeared on our "Christmas Carol 2" episode this last year.  So there's a lot of Ken.  We then discuss his pitch.


02:16:00 - 02:30:00 Dave finally unleashes his pitch on the masses.


02:30:00 - 02;47:00 Marc pitches his Chainsaw Sequel.  Is Dave impressed? Tune in to all the pitches to find out.


All the rest.....For the remainder of the show we talk about all the pitches.  We hope you all had fun with this years Halloween Anthology style Horror Sequel This Episode.  We can't wait to do it again next year.  If you guys want in on the fun, or if you want to appear on any show just drop us a line at Sequelthis@gmail.com and also please submit your vote for which pitch was the best this year!


NOTE:  The "Sequel This" theme performed by "Petrified Gumbo" was once again remixed by David Rodriguez.  No worries though, the normal BADASS theme will be back in fighting shape for Novembers show.  Thanks!




In the first true Halloween show, Marc and Dave sit down and talk everything from Halloween Specials to costumes they wore from Halloween's past.  Finally they get down to business in the last hour and attempt to freestyle sequel 3 Halloween specials (okay one is kind of a cheat).  So strap on your plastic Woolworth costumes, grab your trick r' treat candy holding appartus of choice and find out the true meaning of "Halloweening."


NOTE:  The "Sequel This" theme performed by "Petrified Gumbo" was remixed by David Rodriguez for this episode.


And now for something a little bit different.  Dave and Marc are joined by Timothy Kazda the host of "That Horror Show Podcast" and John Lehtimaki the preserver of rare antiquities AKA one of the best damn Admins from "The Speakeasy Podcast Network" to discuss "Cult of Chucky" and all things "Chucky" and "Child's Play" related.  There are no pitches tonight, but we do get into how great Don Mancini (The father of Chucky) is at constantly reinventing the franchise in both good and bad ways.  Be warned, after the 50 minute mark we do get into heavy spoiler territory, so if you haven't seen the film yet LEAVE....but then come back as we really get into the bones of how to make a sequel work.  So this is a slight change of pace for Sequel This, but we had a lot of fun just discussing a new release sequel so if you enjoyed this slight veer to the left, let us know at Sequelthis@gmail.com and will absolutely do more shows like this.  Thanks as always faithful listeners.


MKVSP_S1E2_Icon_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: Halloween II: Night of the Glory Hole Return Slot

S02, E03

It's Halloween time again. A night for frights and sights...of Hobo Mike sticking his manhood in the return bin. A discovery is made that will shake the entire foundation of Marc and Ken, not physically. There isn't an earthquake or anything.  More emotionally.  Just listen.
Guest Starring Dave Rodriguez from Sequel This and Fighting Words, Rachel Mullins, and Penny Rissmann.


Dave is back after a brief sabbatical.  So to celebrate his return we've decided to tackle one of the big ones off the "Sequel This" bucket list.  A sequel to "Son in Law." That's right!  Now Paulie Shore is all growed up with a daughter of his own.....Wait.  Hold on.  Sorry.  Okay that's one that's in the hopper not this episode.  Sorry about that.  This episode is "Gremlins 3" Boy oh boy are we excited for you to hear this one.  As usual Dave and I discuss our feelings on the original two films and get into some of our favorite products to come from both then we pitch, we pitch like the wind!


MKVSP_S1E2_Icon_Pic_Lower.jpgThe Marc and Ken Video Store Podcast

Episode: Survivor Ken

S02, E02

Ken attempts to find what mettle he's made of in the wilderness, only he forgets to pack food. Marc to the danger.....errr rescue?

Guest Starring Dave Rodriguez from Sequel This and Fighting Words.

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